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Welcome to my technical services website. The computer is your home’s command center. From setup to security to repair I’ve got the know-how, tools and dedication you can rely on day and night.

I’ve studied Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech and City College of New York. I have also received certified training in HTML Web Design, WordPress, Cisco CCNA, PHP, Network Infrastructure, Computer Programming, Windows Desktop Application Development, and Web Server Support. I am a computer professional with over fifteen years of Information Technology experience and strong working knowledge of XML, HTML, ASP.NET, VB.NET, WordPress, Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server. I also have solid hands on experience Windows, Linux, and Apple Operating Systems. Extensive experience in batch scripting with Perl, VB Script, JavaScript. Hands-on experience with financial accounting software ACCPAC Advantage Pro, QuickBooks Pro, and tax software Lacerte. Diverse experience with all of the following: Application Development, Application Support, Web Design, Web Development, Database Management, Project Management, LAN Administration, Enterprise Software Management/Distribution, Novell/NT Integration, End-User Support, WAN Administration, Network Infrastructure, WIFI Solutions, Virtual Private Networking.

I have worked on technical projects for large companies such as Lehman Brothers, JPMorgan Chase, Zurich Investments, and Prudential Securities. I also have experience with small to mid-size companies such as CREATETHE GROUP, DealerTrack, Concord Electronics, Aarris Architects, and Moi Chocolates.