Welcome to my technical services website. The computer is your home's command center. From setup to security to repair I've got the know-how, tools and dedication you can rely on day and night.

I've studied Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech and City College of New York. I have also received certified training in HTML Web Design, WordPress, Cisco CCNA, PHP, Network Infrastructure, Computer Programming, Windows Desktop Application Development, and Web Server Support.…

Malik Hosier is a gifted computer programmer with a wealth of technology knowledge. I recommend his services for any home or small business technical project.…
J. Monte, Astoria NY

8 July 2015
CHICKEN THE LIFE THE LOVE THE LEGACY Documentary Film Website Design
As the Director of Technology for the Tayshana  Chicken Murphy Foundation, MALIK HOSIER created a website and gofundme campaign for the documentary film about my cousin's life and her legacy. The video trailer for the documentary film "Tayshana Chicken Murphy - The Life The Love & The Legacy" can be viewed at www.chickenthelifethelovethelegacy.com . The gofundme campaign can be viewed at www.gofundme.com/tayshanachicken .
1 March 2015
TAYSHANACHICKENMURPHY.ORG Web site design and media content development
MALIK HOSIER of NEW YORK MERGE COMMUNICATIONS and SHASHIMA MITCHELL of SM WEB DEVELOPMENT complete a new web site design and new media content development.
1 March 2015
Recently completed the migration of website AARRIS.COM to AARRISATEPA.com for AARRIS ATEPA ARCHITECTS. Also completed the update of the firm's Key Personnel, Projects, and News Articles web pages on the new website.